Milford Track

When I was trying to plan our trip to the Milford Track in New Zealand, I had wished I had more information before heading out. The New Zealand Department of Conservation Website gives you a lot of good information as far as what to bring and how to be safe, but it’s really lacking as far as […]

How I Started Traveling

This post is mostly for me, to remind me of why I started traveling and what it means to me. My family is not what I would call a traveling bunch. The farthest I think we ever went from Massachusetts growing up was New Hampshire. My sophomore year of high school, that all changed. I […]

Type A Traveling

When I first married my husband, I got a bad case of the travel bug. Previously, I had gone abroad several times with school in groups, but I wasn’t a big fan of huge tour buses and groups of people being herded around like cattle. I wanted to be off the beaten path! Doing what […]

6 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe Abroad

Look, mom! A post on safety! During our first trip to Southeast Asia, we had some concerns about our safety. We were headed to Cambodia and Thailand. While Thailand has come a long way, I had still read a lot about folks on mopeds stealing backpacks. Slashing backpacks. Pickpockets. Water potability. Child thieves. Scamming. So […]


Hi, friends! Welcome to my travel blog! Here I hope to chronicle my adventures with my husband, but more importantly, I’d like to inspire others to travel. Traveling can be expensive, intimidating, scary. But it doesn’t have to be. Before starting this blog, I frequently found myself helping friends and coworkers plan their trips and […]