Milford Track

When I was trying to plan our trip to the Milford Track in New Zealand, I had wished I had more information before heading out. The New Zealand Department of Conservation Website gives you a lot of good information as far as what to bring and how to be safe, but it’s really lacking as far as […]

Type A Traveling

When I first married my husband, I got a bad case of the travel bug. Previously, I had gone abroad several times with school in groups, but I wasn’t a big fan of huge tour buses and groups of people being herded around like cattle. I wanted to be off the beaten path! Doing what […]

6 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe Abroad

Look, mom! A post on safety! During our first trip to Southeast Asia, we had some concerns about our safety. We were headed to Cambodia and Thailand. While Thailand has come a long way, I had still read a lot about folks on mopeds stealing backpacks. Slashing backpacks. Pickpockets. Water potability. Child thieves. Scamming. So […]